Fitness Training

Fitness Training with Embody Health is tailored to your goals and needs. We take care to help you learn better movement vocabulary, coordination, strength, breath, and balance. You learn to do the sports you love to do with more mind-body connection and your daily tasks of sitting, walking, and posture with more ease. We have the expertise to help you overcome injuries and get you strong again!

A few of our popular packages are listed below.

If you are recovering from a surgery or injury and not sure how you are able to start, please contact us for a complimentary phone consult so we can discuss your program plan.

Discounted session package rates are available—please inquire after you have completed your 2-session discounted intro package and we have completed your assessment. Contact us for any questions with personalized programming and pricing.

** NEW: PowerPlate sessions are 30-min each, and can be paired with 30-min of pilates/core/strength training. Please inquire!