About Us

Embody Health is a led by Jennifer Cheng, with strategic partnerships to network of talented health professionals serving the Los Angeles metro area. We tailor wellness programs to fit your lifestyle or workplace so that “living better, longer” is accessible to you.

We welcome you to convenient office locations in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and West LA. Depending on scheduling availability, we also provide in-home services for your convenience within the geographic span of Hollywood to Santa Monica.

For bicoastal travellers, we partner with health professionals in New York City, and gladly welcome the opportunity to coordinate a program for you.

Jennifer Cheng, Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor, teaches Pilates, GYROTONIC®, and strength training with whole-body movement analysis. She has received training and mentorship from rehab specialists in Europe and New York City. With experience training dozens of prenatal and postpartum moms, athletes (including triathletes, tennis players, marathon runners, and professional dancers), and seniors with severe injuries, Jennifer enjoys teaching fitness with creative imagery and laughter.

As a Wellness + Nutrition Consultant, Jennifer is trained by leading doctors as well as culinary experts and food writers. She provides wellness consulting to doctors’ offices and a variety of clients, from athletes to cancer survivors. Jennifer loves food and enjoys teaching her clients with science and mind-body-spirit education to help them live better longer.

= = = Strategic Partners = = =

When we refer you to our strategic partners, we make every effort to have good communication and coordination so that your health and wellness programming is integrated.

Deidre Zimmer, Massage Therapist, CMT, has trained in many different modalities and has been in practice for 14 years.  Her intention is to help her clients achieve greater ease in their body, by addressing their individual tension patterns. Deidre’s unique approach combines the subtlety of Craniosacral Therapy and the aggression of Deep Tissue Massage to begin re-educating the muscles, breaking old habits of tension and building new healthier habits.

Marchelle Brown, Massage Therapist, Certified Lymphatic Therapist.  Marchelle is a unique expert in working with people with lymphatic concerns, from cancer patients to anti-aging clients. With extensive training and work experience of over 30 years, she previously worked at UCLA’s Lymphedema Therapy Program (1995-2000) with her skills in manual lymph drainage to help thousands of cancer patients. She has studied extensively with the Vodder School (US, Canada, Austria) and is also certified by the Lerner Academy of Lymphatic Studies (New York) and the Foeldi School (Germany) in Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT). She can be reached directly via email (marchellebrown at earthlink dot net) or contact us at Embody Health.

Shirley Sakamoto is an image stylist, costume designer and fashion designer for over 10 years. With a background in dance, she has worked with actors in theater productions and films. Shirley specializes in creating the best wardrobe for every body type and enhancing the full range of creative expression for a great and lasting first-impression. She works with Embody Health clients to improve their style as they reach landmarks in their weight management goals or fitness and posture goals. Shirley’s compassion and understanding helps cancer survivors and weight loss students re-imagine their new body with joy.

Physical Therapists. Depending on your situation and geographic location, we have a wide range of referrals to physical therapists. If you are a women’s health or in need of a pelvic floor specialist, we work closely with Anita Lendach in Beverly Hills. If you have general sports injuries, we can match you with a physical therapist who best suits your needs. If you are in New York City, we suggest Tamar Amitay at ThrivePT for your consideration.