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Welcome to Embody Health, where we personalize your fitness and wellness program to integrate smart new habits for a healthier lifestyle.  We invite you to take a look at our programs to find the one that suits your needs. And please sign in, so we can send you exclusive updates and offers on new workshops, health tips, and recipes!

Are you getting your fresh organic fruits and vegetables every day? Do you have a energetic spring to your step? Or do you have allergies or fatigue symptoms bothering you? We can help you improve your nutrition and fitness, no matter how busy your schedule is!

Did you know that the #1 problem that stops people (age 45+) from going to work is back pain? Check out what we do for that here!

Become One of Our Healthy Weight Loss Success stories!

Find your fit with a leaner healthier you! Get fired up with better energy through our easy 12-week “TLS Weight Loss + Wellness” course with Beverly Hills Personal Trainer and Wellness Consultant Jennifer Cheng.  Learn easy strategies that you can implement into your every day for healthy living! No more fad diets! Use a nationally-successful, science-based system that helps you find the healthier, leaner you! Lose belly fat guaranteed! Group class or individual coaching available. Convenient weekly phone coaching on weekdays and Saturday hours make it easy for everyone from New York to California. Please contact us to tell us you’re interested to learn more.

Victories from our happy graduates include:

  • “It feels great to have more energy to be with my kids”
  • “I’ve won two prizes from my workplace weight loss challenge”
  • “I can feel my pants fit better!”
  • “I had to go shopping for new clothes and it feels great to have my clothes fit better”
  • “I used to hate exercise, and now I find that I can always find 10 minutes to do something good for myself.”
  • “I had a hard time figuring out what to eat, and now I have a plan with a Master Grocery List.”

Expanding Wellness Programs with Health Clinics and Workplaces

Embody Health provides business consulting to doctors and other health practitioners to integrate weight loss and wellness programs, to meet their patient needs and enhance their clinic. In most health surveys, over 70% of patients want nutrition and wellness help from their doctors and health practitioners.  Tap into a national network of scientists and doctors for continuing education classes to support your clinic’s wellness programs. There is genetic analysis program available through our health practitioners, so you can learn about nutrition and lifestyle strategies that best suit your genes!

We also have lots of fun teaching fitness and health at workplace wellness programs. Our latest success: Someone who “hated exercise” with a frozen shoulder now has strength and mobility she’s never imagined, all by joining our classes conveniently held at her workplace conference room.

Contact us to learn more and set up your FREE initial consultation.

Radio Show about an Easy 7-day Cleanse with Nancy Bruning

Cleansing your body is good to do once a season–a healthier cleaner gut supports a healthier immune system and it “lightens” up your gut area!  Listen to a free radio show with health writer Nancy Bruning about an easy 7-day cleanse to help your digestion recover from the holiday and party feasting, while eating healthy foods (no calorie counting!). Check out our either a 7-day cleanse or 21-day detox with a bonus coaching package, to start anytime, good for anyone from LA to New York, because your wellness coaching will be on your schedule via phone and internet.

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