Back Pain Relief + Core Strength

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Specialized experience working with scoliosis clients and mentorship with rehab specialists give you unique expertise on back pain. You will gain more success with developing core strength with our detailed programming. Drawing from the best exercises from Pilates, yoga, strength training, and the GYROTONIC systems, you’ll get stronger, better.

I started jogging a few months ago but it took me awhile to realize
my right shoulder was freezing up. It was only recently when I noticed that I couldn’t apply spin to my serve as I used to when playing tennis. After my first session with Jennifer, I have now regained full rotation in my shoulder and it feels great. I have had my back aches from childhood scoliosis and a posterior spinal fusion surgery 7 years ago. I’ve learned now how to correct my back posture. Jennifer truly understands the fundamental causes of chronic pain and soreness.
-Donald, age 23, Stanford Medical Researcher