Wellness and Nutrition Consultation

No More Fad Diets!

Learn to integrate optimal health into your lifestyle that will help you improve your immune system and empower yourself with disease prevention strategies. Science-based education will support you for a life-long of better habits and weight management.

Prepare for the Parties and Feasts!

Learn about smart food combining strategies based on the glycemic index. Cooking and baking strategies can help you eat gourmet and healthier. Don’t let parties and holiday feasts get you weighed down.

One private 1-hour Nutrition Consultation will help you identify your challenges and strengths so that you can age gracefully with youth-enhancing strategies.

Also available:

  • 1 month of weekly wellness coaching sessions. Contact us for personalized pricing.
  • 12-week Individualized Wellness Programming. Contact us for personalized pricing.

Gift certificates are available.