Posture + Public Speaking

For Business Leaders: better posture and confident voice for your public speaking engagements, webinars, lectures

For Actors: better command of your voice and posture for greater freedom

For Singers: stronger knowledge of how to use your breath and body as a more agile instrument

You can learn how to integrate a more powerful use of your voice and a deeper understanding of how to use your body to your advantage. Good posture is not just a physical feat, but it changes how the world perceives you. Come with your questions and share your challenges.  Uncover and release neck and body tension so that you can perform your best.

In one session, you will have an assessment and feel a difference. In two sessions, you’ll be able to remember strategies and exercises so that you can practice on your own.

If you have a special event, lecture, or audition, we can prepare you so that you have the confidence and agility you need. Your personlized program is designed from the best of yoga, music, and other techniques.

You will be coached by a nationally-ranked speech and debate competitor, trained by the best from UC Berkeley, who has also studied with award-winning and internationally-recognized musicians.

Contact us for special packages designed for Artists or NSA members (National Speakers Association).

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