Fitness and Wellness for PostPartum, Expecting or Pre-Pregnant Moms

Pilates * Strength Training * Stress Management * Optimal Health Nutrition

Individualized Attention for a  Changing Pregnant Body

  • Learn better strength and balance, improve your posture
  • Manage your risks for back and hip pains
  • Prepare for the marathon of labor
  • Safely juggle your precious “wobbly weight” – for when the baby arrives
  • Get command of your abdominals for a flatter belly during postpartum recovery

Post-Partum Strength and C-section Recovery

  • Learn baby mechanics of how to more-easily move baby around to decrease risks of back-pain and other strains. Dads benefit from baby mechanics too!
  • If you had a C-section and can’t feel your abs, we have strategies to find your abs in about 6 months.
  • Learn proper lifting techniques so you can have better balance and strength.
  • Get your core strength and stretching while exercising with baby. There’s always time for mom and baby to bond and get stronger!

Learn How to Integrate Science-Based Nutrition and Yoga-inspired Stress Management into Your Lifestyle

  • Empower yourself science-based optimal health nutrition for better habits
  • Get smart with low-glycemic index eating for weight management and minimizing pregnancy diabetes risk
  • Improve nutrition support for your baby’s development and postpartum recovery
  • Juggle your life changes with breath techniques and yoga-inspired stress management
  • Sleep and rest better

Our mamastrength intro package includes two 1-hour fitness training sessions and one wellnesss consultation, we’ll assess how to better support your body’s changes and improve your family’s health and wellbeing.

Sessions are held at mind-body wellness centers in West Los Angeles or West Hollywood.

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Ready to register for an mamastrength intro package? We’re honored to help you with you and your family.

Recent Workshops

We had a workshop combining Art Therapy & Mind-Body Movement, taught by Naomi Tucker, MFT, ATR & Jennifer Cheng, Fitness Instructor (more info here).