Whether you are an athletic swimmer or a beginner interested in aqua-exercise, we can help you take your body to new challenges.


  • Learn aqua-exercises to improve your cardio, strength, and core
  • Use pilates and yoga-based exercises to integrate core strength to support your swimming
  • Improve your injury recovery and pain management strategies
  • Get a perspective from an experienced trainer who has worked with hip replacement rehab, breast cancer rehab, shoulder and back pain, and other specialized training

Athletic Swimmers:

  • Challenge yourself with “swimming-on-land” core exercises as cross-training
  • Tune into your form — are you using too much knee or are you actually using your core and hip muscles?
  • Protect your rotator cuff muscles from injury with stretch and strength exercises


“After my hip surgery, I didn’t know if I could do my annual Alcatraz swim. Playing tennis was tough for me. My doctor said I might even need a second hip surgery. I’m so proud I was able to swim my race in July with my buddies and my daughter! This was after 7 months of weekly exercise with Jen.” ┬áTyler, 50s, investment manager