Runners have specific needs – prevent injury, connect core support to improve speed and balance. IT band and joint strains are common and we can help reduce that impact.


“I started jogging a few months ago but it took me awhile to realize my right shoulder was freezing up. It was only recently when I noticed that I couldn’t apply spin to my serve as I used to when playing tennis. After my first session with Jennifer, I have now regained full rotation in my shoulder and it feels great. She also corrected my back posture after posterior spinal fusion surgery 7 years ago. Jennifer truly understands the fundamental causes of chronic pain and soreness.” -Donald, age 23, Stanford Medical Researcher

“As a long-time marathon runner, I knew I could do something better to lighten my impact on my joints. Especially for trail running, I usually trip over tree roots and other hazards and hurt my ankles. However, after training with Jen to connect my core strength, I recently did a trail run and didn’t injure my ankles at all!”
– Mike, 30s, Writer