Golf Body Mechanics

Does your back or neck feel stiff?

Your shoulders feel unstable?

Your knees feel twinges?

Your low back have problems?

OR you simply want to be more flexible but hate stretching?

You don’t want your body to limit your golf game? We’ve got warmups, applied exercises, and stretches that will free up your body so you can have more power to your swing.

Having trained and studied with golf experts, doctors, and physical therapists, we know what you need!

Why not just play more golf?

Each body has specific patterns you have developed over time. If there are imbalances or postural problems, you need to uncover those issues and re-align your body for better movement and enhance how you operate your body. Especially if you have injuries, you need to find a way to manage how to stay in the game with the help of a movement and post-rehab expert. Pain is a signal that something is off in your body, something you shouldn’t ignore!

You tune up your car with an expert car mechanic, so why not tune up your golf body with a golf body mechanics expert?

Benefits of Applied Exercises through Golf Body Mechanics

  • Ability to swing the club faster
  • Increase drive distance
  • Improve your ball-striking ability
  • Ability to control trajectory
  • Better contact and directional control of the ball
  • Increase and strengthen hip and shoulder turn
  • Improve total body range of motion and flexibility
  • Recover more quickly and manage old injuries
  • Discover more efficient and intelligent mind-body control of your preparation and movement

How to Get Started

Try out our 2-session intro package, and you will get an assessment and gain better command of your golf body mechanics. You can also gift an ailing golf friend a gift certificate to help him come back to your regular golf games.

Still not sure how we can help you? Sign up for our 20-minute phone consult so you can learn more about how a personalized program of selected pilates, GYROTONIC, and targeted strength training exercises can not only improve your golf game, but also get you a taller posture and easier, pain-free movement to age well with the sport you love.

Jennifer Cheng, CPT, is not your regular personal trainer. She is a unique golf body mechanic who has worked in physical therapy clinics helping golfers rehabilitate through injuries and studied with PGA golf instructor Dave Rasmussen with strategies help you learn better body mechanics for a stronger game.


“Being a PGA golf professional and teaching golf for 10 years I have seen my fair share of golfers who have reached a high level in this game. However, the majority of them seem to lack balance, stability and without a doubt flexibility. Then of course there are golfers who love the game, but have immense pain. If they would just see Jennifer, most of their body-related problems could be eliminated. I have worked with Jennifer and recommend her to anyone who wants to reduce their pain or just want that extra edge to get to the next level in their game!”

–Benjamin A., PGA Golf Instructor

“With my back problems I haven’t played for a year and I’ve missed my golf buddies. I was afraid of never having the chance to go back. With the core strength work and flexibility exercises, I’m so happy to be able to hang out with my pals. Now, I’ve learned to feel my body working and my hips loosening up so I can play golf again.”
— J.C., lawyer and golfer, recovering from back surgeries.