Dancers have specific needs for balance, strength and flexibility.

If you are hitting a plateau or stuck on a certain limitation in your movement, this is the time to try a 2-session intro with Beverly Hills personal trainer Jennifer Cheng.

She has experience teaching professional dancers in New York City in private sessions as well as teaching Gyrokinesis group classes at Steps on Broadway and Ballet Arts. In addition, she has worked well with physical therapy and injury rehab students so she can understand your challenges, in whatever form it may be. Many of us work with our ab strength in a certain way, but do you know how to work from your deep abs? Why not give yourself a challenge to learn to work with more strength and flexibility?

Jennifer’s personal dance experience ranges from salsa to ballroom, modern to jazz and cabaret. She has the honor of being mentored by a Martha Graham Company dancer and dance teacher, as well as the pleasure of having in her student roster a leading company dancer of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Jennifer works well with children as young as babies who are challenged with mechanics of crawling to young tween ballroom dancers as well as veteran professional dancers.